Producers Working Cooperatively Workshop Presentations
January 27, 2017

2017 Ohio Aquaculture Conference Presentations
January 27-28, 2017

New Advances in Culture Tech Culture System Management

Water Quality Analysis Options in Intensive Indoor RAS and Aquaponics Systems
Darrin Honious

Managing the Plant Side of Aquaponics
Brad Bergefurd

Energy Efficiency Down on the Farm
Stan Crisp

Aerating Culture Ponds – Value of Preventing Stratification
Eugene Braig

Novel Multi-Trophic Aquaponics System at Bowling Green State University
Kevin Neves

Importance of Water Quality Monitoring in Culture Systems
Matt Smith

The Need for Cooperatives
Roy Messing

Treatments for Improving Egg Hatching & Fry Survival of Cultured Fish
Zhi-Gang Shen, Eman El-Gawad, and Han-ping Wang
Ohio Regulation Update Keynote Speaker
ODNR Update
Kevin Kayle
Importance of Small Producers in the National Aquaculture Scene
Paul Zajicek
Aquaculture Needs and Issues Producer to Producer I
Myths & Truths About Aquaculture and Aquatic Invasive Species
Chris Weeks
Advances in Freshwater Prawns on Our Farm
Don Maloney
National Aquaculture Issues Update Paul Zajicek - NAA Four Years of Operating a RAS: Functional Systems & Components
Tom Machamer
Issues & Challenges Facing Aquaponics Producers
Janelle Hager
Perspectives of Saltwater Shrimp Farming Karlanea Brown
Developing an Educated Workforce for Aquaculture
Mike Miltner
Adventures of a Large Commercial Hatchery
Chris Kirk
Research Helping Producers Producer to Producer 2
Improving Market Access for Small-Scale Seafood Producers
Richard Bryant

Pond Culture of Yellow Perch
Bill Lynch
KYSU Aquaponics Research
Fred Gonzales
Renewable Energy Sources for Aquaponics Barry Adler
Increasing Profitability of Intensive Culture of All-Female Yellow Perch – Present & Future
K. Towne, T. Delomas, M.Miller & K. Dabrowski
Adventures of an Aquaponist
Jeni Blackburn
EnzoMeal: Future for AquaFeed Vikas Kumar and Barry McGraw RAS: Our Journey
Traci Bell

Selling Fish to Ohio Pond Management Companies Workshop
Friday, January 29, 2016

View presentation from presenter and OAA President Bill Lynch

2016 Ohio Aquaculture Conference Presentations

Aquaponics: Beyond the Basics Aquaculture Direct Marketing
Crops, Bed Materials & Growing Media Considerations for Aquaponics
Brad Bergefurd
Authenticity in Direct Marketing
Think Like a Retailer
Emily Adams
Heating Alternatives for Greenhouses
Stan Crisp
Using MarketMaker Demographics for Marketing Your Products
Charissa Gardner
Fish Management in Aquaponics
Bill Lynch
Assessing the Market
Kelly O'Bryant
Food Safety Considerations for Aquaponic Producers
Janelle Hager
Pricing for Profit
Melissa Carter
Seafood Tech 101
Fisheries/Aquaculture Situation & Outlook
John Ewart
Seafood Safety, Processing & Regulation
Doris Hicks
Buyer & Consumer Apprehension
Doris Hicks
Fish Tech 101 website
Seafood Health A valuable resource for aquaculture
Doris Hicks
Seafood Health Facts website
Ohio Regulation Update Keynote Speaker
ODNR Update
Kevin Kayle
It Ain't Never Gonna Happen! Or Will It
Laura Tiu
Current Issues in Aquaculture Economic Planning for Aquatic Culture
The Realities of RAS: Future of Aquaculture or Pipe Dream?
Chris Weeks
What Makes a Successful Business Plan?
Chris Smalley
A Floating Slow-Releasing Formulation to Combat HABS
Moshe Harel
Co-ops in New and Emerging Industries
Hannah Scott
Nutritional Programming in Early Life Stage Yellow Perch Increases Future Ability to Utilize Plant Protein-Based Diets
M Kemski, D. Wick & K. Dabrowski
Increasing Profit with Vertical Integration
Laura Tiu
Solving Fish Meal Conundrum; Commercial Production of Soybean Meal Diets with Zero Non-digestible Carbohydrates
Ram Lalgudi & Steven Craig
Financing an Aquaculture Operation
Working with the SBDC
Chris Smalley

2015 Ohio Aquaculture Conference Presentations

Getting Started In Aquaculture Aquaculture BMP's
Getting Started in Aquaculture in Ohio
Estefania James
Fish Harvesting & Holding BMPs
Chris Kirk
Species Selection and System Selection
Paul O'Bryant and Dean Rapp
Culture Pond Management BMP's
Bill Lynch
Fish Nutrition 101: Feeds & Feeding
Laura Tiu, PhD
Fish Health BMP's
Robert Durborow, PhD
Aquaculture Marketing Basics
Kwamena Quagrainie
RAS Management BMP's
Robert Rode
Business Planning for Aquaculture Regulatory Considerations
Business Plans - Why are they Important? Chris Smalley Federal Regulations You Need To Know!
Chris Weeks, PhD

Analyzing Your Potential Markets
Kwamena Quagrainie
Management of Fish Eating Birds
Anthony Montoney
Marketing Yourself & Your Business
Renee Koerner
Fish Health in Ohio
Tony Forshey, State DVM
Financing Aquaculture
Chris Smalley
Changes in Ohio's Aquaculture Permitting Process, Nicholas Jamison
Feature Presentation Keynote Speaker
Truth & Myths of Aquaponics
Charlie Shultz
Opportunities, Challenges & Needs for Successful North Central US Aquaculture
Chris Weeks, PhD
Aquaponics Primer General Aquaculture
Aquaponic Issues of Concern
Charlie Shultz
Understanding Oxygen Dynamics in Culture Ponds, Bill Lynch
Trials & Tribulations of a Real-World Aquaponist, Jeni Blackburn Harmful Algal Blooms in Culture Ponds
Eugene Braig
What it Takes to Get Aquaponic Crops Certified Organic and ECOCERT ICO Options, Cissy Bowman/Jessica Ervin Koi & Koi x Goldfish Hybrids: Production & Genetics, Boris Gomelsky
KYSU/OSU Aquaponic Grant Research & Education Update, Janelle Hager Assessing Two Feeding Strategies for Freshwater Prawn, Don Maloney